Being “Focused” for the Service

Do you have some pointers for people on a praise team or choir ensemble leading worship to help them “focus”? Please give some practical steps we can consider.

It is a good idea for those involved in the worship ministry to be prepared not just to play and sing but to worship the Lord. Their “focus” should be on God. In concrete terms there are numerous practical ideas that can be used.

Most of us would do well to “come clean” before God. Repentance and accepting the forgiveness that only God can grant is perhaps the best was to begin to “focus.” Deliberately walking in unrepentance is one of the quickest ways to begin to distance yourself from the Lord.

Beyond this, some people may find it worthwhile to simply take some time at home reading and studying the Bible. A few people have told me that they read scriptural promises of who they are in Jesus. What else, after all, can help people focus more on the Lord than His Word?

Many individuals have mentioned that they find it helpful to arrive early at church and spend time in prayer. Often praise teams even spend concentrated time together praying before the service. This may take many forms including:

  1. praying for each other’s needs and concerns.
  2. lifting up the musical aspect of the service, that they will be able to flow together as a unit and that God will be glorified through them.
  3. asking the Lord to demonstrate His grace throughout the service, because all of the musical preparations are of little value without the Holy Spirit’s empowerment.
  4. interceding for the congregation to be prepared to meet with God and open to what He wants to do.
  5. praying for the preacher, that the Lord’s Word will come forth powerfully and accurately, bringing conviction and encouragement.
  6. asking God to have His way in all that happens all through the service.

Occasionally, worship ministries will have a brief teaching on some aspect of their ministry (servanthood, proper heart attitude toward God, etc.). A succinct but potent teaching right before the service can help people to focus. (By the way, the weekly Worship Ministry Devotions are great for this.)

There is no all-inclusive answer that is always right for every person in each situation. However, the fact that you recognize the importance of being focused means you’re on the right track. Try these ideas and prayerfully consider other ideas of your own. In this way you can determine what works best in your situation.