A Praise and Worship Survey for the Congregational Members

A survey like the one below can help you find out what your people really think about your congregation’s worship times. This can be helpful to understand the people in your church. Of course, it should be understood that those answering will most likely be the ones who have strong opinions one way or the other.

One practical point: You can ask people to put their name on their response so that you will know who did not respond. The drawback to this approach is that most likely the answers you receive from many people will not be quite as candid as they would be if the survey were done anonymously.

Part A is designed as a personal analysis of the Sunday morning worship time. It should be understood that there are no absolutes on these things and your answers, although they may be strongly held opinions, are only opinions.


Do you think we:

  1. do too many slow songs.
  2. do too many fast songs.
  3. have an acceptable balance of slow and fast songs.

Do you think we:

  1. learn too many new songs.
  2. do not learn enough new songs.
  3. learn just enough new songs.

Do you think the music of the songs we use is overall:

  1. too simple to be challenging.
  2. too difficult to sing.
  3. a good balance.

Do you think the lyrics of the songs we use are overall:

  1. too simple to be challenging.
  2. too difficult to sing.
  3. a good balance.

Do you think the style of music being used is:

  1. too contemporary.
  2. too traditional.
  3. about right.

How do feel about the amount of time spent in worship on Sunday morning?

  1. too long
  2. too short
  3. about right

How do you feel about the overall Sunday morning worship experience:

  1. boring
  2. satisfying
  3. __________


Part B is designed to add insights to the answers given in Part A. These questions,
although they may be uncomfortable, should be answered as candidly as possible.


When you arrive on Sunday morning, are you fully prepared to worship the Lord:

  1. all of the time.
  2. some of the time.
  3. very seldom.

Do you:

  1. eagerly enter into worship.
  2. prefer to sit and watch others worship.
  3. ignore worship and think about other matters.

Do you worship the Lord on your own during the week:

  1. often.
  2. occasionally.
  3. seldom.

Do you harbor negative attitudes toward your brothers and sisters in the Lord in the service?

  1. often
  2. occasionally
  3. seldom

Do you feel that you could do a better job of leading worship on a consistent basis?

  1. yes
  2. no