Small Church with Limited Musical Ability

Do you have suggestions for a small church that has very limited musical ability?

Today there are many digital options for adding musicians. Apps for Apple or Android, PC or Mac that will allow you to add instruments to lots of songs. They are relatively easy to use and relatively affordable. However, I’m still a fan of live instruments. So, let me offer some thoughts about those.

First, be good stewards of whatever you have, limited though it may be. I’ve had people tell me that they have only a mediocre pianist playing the slightly out of tune piano and a guitarist who can only play every other week. When I respond, “That’s great!”, they usually look at me rather bewilderedly. I explain that with just those two instruments they have four different options they can use for any given song.

  1. Just the piano can play.
  2. Just the guitar can play.
  3. Both piano and guitar can play together.
  4. Sing a capella.

There is a principle in the kingdom of God that if we’re faithful in the little things, we’ll be given more. Be faithful with what the Lord has given you, and, at some point, you’ll see an increase.

Second, pray that God either brings in the people you need or shows you the people who are already there. “People already there? You obviously don’t know our church like I do!”

Hold on a minute. Calm down. Let me tell you a story. It’s a story I’ve heard reiterated (though the specifics always change) time after time after time in churches all across North America.

Shelly (or Bill or Ron or… you can pick the name) was part of the church for years. Everyone thought they knew this person really well. And, honestly, they did. Except that no one knew that when she was younger she took piano (or flute or guitar or… you can pick the instrument) lessons for years. Of course, she’s now 33 (or 48 or 27 or… you can pick the age) and she hasn’t played in quite a few years. However, with a little work, she could probably do what you need her to on Sunday morning. After the leadership began praying for someone to play that particular instrument, a “chance” conversation brought her hidden talent to the light.

Let me repeat: I’ve heard this story so many times, that I can almost finish the story when someone starts it. No, I don’t know all the details, but I know the gist of the story: a faithful God has once again placed His people just exactly where they need to be to accomplish His plans and purposes. But it will take prayer to uncover those people.

Finally, if the necessary people really are not already a part of your congregation, the Lord has a myriad of ways of bringing them to you. Ask Him. He wants His body strong and ministering effectively. He will supply what you need.

Pray, asking God to give you what you need, but be faithful with what you have while you wait on Him.