Devotions and Prayer During Rehearsals

For our worship ministry rehearsals, how necessary is it for us to have devotions, prayer, sharing, worship, etc., in addition to actually working on the music?

How necessary is it? Very. Extremely. Unquestionably. Vitally. Am I making this clear enough? We may say that our relationship with God is the priority, but if all we do at our gatherings is to rehearse the new music, what have we really communicated—by our actions—as the priority to our people? That’s right, music.

Please understand that if that’s really what you want your priority to be, then maybe you should just do music. But don’t call it worship. Worship must increasingly flow out of relationship with God. If we do not allow for time to learn and grow together in our relationship with God, then the best we can hope for is some nice music.

Let’s be honest. People with the best of intentions can get bogged down. Their spiritual life can become stagnant. If we are asking people to help lead the congregation in worship, then we shoulder at least some responsibility for their spiritual well-being.

Therefore, devotion times—times of prayer and worship and sharing—are not just some nice activities to make us look spiritual. These can be vital links for the people involved in your ministry. That’s why we made them an integral part of These times can help them to regain focus and perspective, and cause them to connect with God and with one another. It will make them better prepared to not just do music, but to minister more effectively.

Necessary? Unquestionably.